Dec: 4 - 11

Sparkly week.
I feel like it's been one of the odd weeks where you think OMG, it's Christmas soon! And panic sets in! I just need all the presents to arrive before panic settles out.

I've been doing a big load of over time which will be reflected in January's pay and staring at all the pretty glittery clothes that I hope will go on sale Boxing Day! Working at Outfit really has been great, I do love my job and it may be simple and it may not involve a lot of experience but I believe I'm good at it and working with fashion whether it be in a shop or not, I love it! It's changed my sense in clothes... especially in the past week or two. This may have been reflected in my blog posts... or so I feel!

I bought almost everyone's Christmas presents. I have to return my brother's because of reasons I can't state in case he reads this! I just need a few more things for my boyfriend and a big hope that things will come over the next week or two to wrap up before the big December day! Also with my grandmother coming over from Portugal today next week I will be getting her a present. I'm thinking a purse with a photo of me and my siblings on? So she can see us everyday :) *big aww*

I've finally done the Christmas tree with the boyfriend, John! I had so much fun doing it and it looks A-mazing! We realised that we bought a load of bird ornaments for it! Penguins, robins and doves :) It really does look a pretty picture... and it's super sparkly! PERFECT.

Early birthday present to myself, with my birthday just around the corner! (5 days before Christmas!) I tweeted this earlier... I just love my new heels. Bargain with £12 in New Look!... I think it was totally worth it. I cheekily  asked to see what my brother had bought shopping today and without thinking said yes... Unfortunately for him he realised too late that I'd seen the Clubland 20 CD he bought me! I felt so bad... I can't have it until then either! Serves me right for being a nosy kitty Cat!

How has your week been?