2011 | What I Read Blog-wise

Since I joined the blogosphere a year and a half ago I've come across a few blogs I like to read. This year I spent the year reading quite a few blogs as well as writing on mine! And I'd like to share the name of those blogs I read through the year and would like to thank them for blogging and being such a good read and good use of time through the year! I don't comment enough to share my love for blogs but I read my favourist ones every time they write so.... I think my blogging resolution for the new year is to comment more!


So to all the bloggers, I hope you had a great year of blogging and another great year to come.
Being Little | LLYMLRS | A Daisy Chain's Dream | Style Fashion Vintage Baby | Futures | The Jazzpad | Pigments & Palettes | A Blog From Blackpool | Caught Up In Cake | Effiesmakeupbox | Gem Fatale | Fairyface | Obsessed | Hivenn | LaurenRihannon | Milkteef | The Flower Girl | The Sunday Girl | Vivatramp | VIPXO | Gh0stParties

If you're not on the list! Make a comment and tell me who your favourite blogs are! I'm also sure I'd check yours out too :)  You girl's have made my year of reading! Happy New Year!


  1. Ah Claire's Jazzpad blog is one of my faves too!


  2. Aw, thank you for the mention <3

  3. I will be checking the ones I haven't seen before out today ! :D

  4. Thanks for the mention lovely lady. It makes me so happy to think that people like what i'm doing xx