Nov - Dec: 28 - 4

Surreal Week.


So we've just entered December this week... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
Not much happened this week. It's been a bit weird... thinking about reviewing it now has made me realise that I haven't done anything but work, eat, sleep and buy a couple of things. I was meant to put up mine and my boyfriend's beautiful-to-be Christmas tree today but that'll have to wait a little longer. You're not supposed to put it up until 12 days before Christmas are you!? Exactly.
I returned a top that I bought in New Look Wednesday, I posted about it here. The panelled tee... I'd only worn it once and went to wear it again to find that it was ripped! Boo... But I got a credit note and bought three cute pairs of socks (brown florals, teal frilly ankles, christmas penguins) and a pair of tights (light dusty brown). Yay :) Also bought myself a pair of slouchy boots from Tesco for a very good price and haven't got out of them since I bought them.
I also won JAZZPAD's giveaway! I got 1st prize which won me a £40 gift voucher for already eyeing up a couple of things ;)
I've done a little bit of Christmas shopping too... Not all of it though. Got a couple of "making" things to do and a couple of proper presents to get. I don't know what to get everyone. Frustrating isn't it?
Have you done any Christmas shopping? We've only got 3 weeks remember!? LITERALLY.


  1. I've done most of my Christmas shopping. :D I just need to think of what to get my dad and I think I'm done! :)

  2. I cannot believe it's December too! It's so crazy! And sleeping and eating sounds like the best things in life! x

  3. I can't believe it's December. I'm half feeling festive, and half not!

  4. Well done to those who've done their Christmas shopping! I am almost done I think... I have my mum, uncle and boyfriend to get for!

    The year fly's by doesn't it! I want to review the year in a future post!