Dec: 2 - 8

Stressy Week.


Again, a post-less week. I keep getting annoyed with myself on a Sunday when I haven't posted because that means I've been stupidly busy and too busy to even blog! Which is just a minor thing, I just about had time to do my nails Friday night because of all the work and stuff I have to do!
Although I have had yet again a busy week, too busy for 'Cat Time' I had some lovely 'John & Cat Time' today! We played Red Alert 3, Watched Thor and ate Cherry Bakewell Tarts and Grapes! Only bummer was the fact my RA3 game kept crashing on my laptop. Damn games... I was also introduced to World of Warcraft.... And I have to admit, it isn't that bad and I was easily hooked! YES! I said it, and it's true! Only thing is it costs to play, which with my tight pockets and limited me time... Just no.
OH! iPhone and iPad users, I have a free game to download for you if you haven't got it yet: Temple Run. I can't get enough of this game, it's so simple and such an addictive game to play and challenge friends with!

As for blogging. I'm going to keep up with a few pre-scheduled posts ready. I have posts lined up I just haven't had time and misplaced the camera with some photos in to post! I still haven't said anything about Christmas presents or sale purchases... And also any outfit posts and what nots. Not starting the year well am I? But, better late than never eh?

On the geek front, since I'm turning into one more and more each day. What's your favourite PC game?
And any games you recommend on the iPad/iPhone!?

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  1. Ahhh I'm obsessed with Scrabble and Doodle Sprint on the iPhone! Lols xx