Dec - Jan: 26 - 2

Messy Week.


It's been all topsy turvy in my household this week, it's that week everyone's off work but you and no one including yourself does anything. I'm in need of a major room tidy, because I can't tell what's going on!

New Year's Eve was spent shopping with my mum for a nice dress for the evening and in the evening at a lovely pub and the hotel with my boyfriend for dinner and the New Year! We watched the fireworks on the tele   and we thought they were amazing! Out did ourselves this year... Makes a lot of sense with 2012 London Olympics just  around the corner! It was an amazing evening, and I couldn't of asked for it to be better!

New Year's Day yesterday was also mine and my boyfriend's first year anniversary! I painted him a picture from our holiday and he instantly put it up on the wall, and he gave me every single text we ever sent each other on a memory stick in a word document... over 400,000 words that is.... in just over a year! I absolutely LOVED the present because I'd lost all mine due to a slow phone with too many texts and having to reset it a few times! He knows how much I love to keep things like that, including texts! ♥ awww!

Late post because of the events of yesterday. I'm up early to get ready for work yet again! I don't mind, I'm just a little bit on the tired side! What are your plans for the week ahead?

Looking forward to: Getting into bed again, sorting out my dodgy nails I've just done, reading more of my texts, tiding my room, and getting on top of things to be doing in hopes that this year I WILL be more organised and I WILL complete my resolutions!

Expect: Nails post, Christmas present post yet to come, and a couple of reviews!


  1. hey,
    I like your blog,
    please check out mine... and let me know what you think?


  2. Aww, that was such a sweet present off your boyfriend! How cute!

    As for the week, I'm getting back to reality, like everyone else with work etc..

    I hope you had a great chirstmas and new years!

    Katherine xx