Jan: 23 - 29

Another Working Week.
p.s. this is not me. But thanks weheartit.com for providing an image that's exactly how I feel!
I don't have much to share this week.. I've spent a lot of my time working and trying to sort out life's little bits in between and not getting anywhere with it!
I attempted to go out on the town last night for a friend's birthday but that ended up just a drive and a quick hello as everyone had left to go home because the chosen venue wasn't exactly amazing. Instead me and my lovely boyfriend spent the night driving around and chatting like we had verbal diarrhoea!
Today we spent the evening watching The Hangover 2, eating Pizza Hut and drinking KA Pineapple. I love tropical fizzes! We've both had long weeks and we love a good chill out session! It's what we all need on a Sunday and judging by the posts from Bloggers I follow, you've all had a lazy one too!
I've got a lot to do for the commencing week and if I'm totally honest, I'm not really looking forward to it. I'm going to be having to sort out my voluntary work, mobile phone contract, and all sorts. I also want to make better use of my spare time. I spend a lot of my free time doing things that don't engage my brain, creativity and what not where I should be.
On the agenda this week then should be sorting out the things that need to be done, full stop... And then getting back into blogging, being an artiste, catching up on my tv and having a good old clear out! I'm a haver... so I keep all sorts of things that I don't need... I think a car boot sale would sort the problem out... Kind of!

What's the best food to order in on a chill out day?

OH. I want to do a post where you ask questions and I answer them. So any questions you have please leave them in the comment box and I'll do a post with them later on in the next two weeks! XOXO


  1. What are you favorite places in London? Where do you hang out?

  2. I love spending Sunday's relaxing! Rrr that's sweet me and my boyfriend did that Sunday when we walked the dogs it's great :) xx

  3. i will drive my car go somewhere else. hang out with my Girl.
    And just doing something like playing games