Jan: 9 - 15

'Travelly' Week.

This week I've done a lot of driving. Most of my miles were racked up on Friday taking my boyfriend to view a car he liked... And he got it! It's an amazing car and for any of you girls who like cars or at least watch Top Gear, its a Fiesta ST. I thought ST stood for Sport Turbo... But its Sport Technology. DUH. How silly did I feel in front of the boyfriend saying that. *facepalm*
I re-kindled a love for The Terminal too when I came in from work Saturday night and found my brother and his girlfriend watching it. John has never watched it, so when I head to HMV next, I know what I'm getting!
Next week begins the two weeks we have at work to get business wear and I'm quite excited because we get a good percentage off that and it only comes a few times a week. And it all has to be black clothing because it's for work. But I don't mind! I've already put on hold a few cute things to get for it! Will share them at some point in the next 2 weeks!
Weather is also a bit icy too... I quite like it because it gets some reaaalllll good wear from my LOVELY Cow Pom Pom Zip Coat (slightly pictured) which I haven't shared yet I think! You know what the next outfit post entails then!...
It's been all over the place with work so when it comes to recapping I can't quite remember a lot of it.... Hmmm.
Anyway! How has your week been?
Want to suggest a good film to watch as a couple? Cinema, DVD?

Looking forward to: Business wear, Re-doing my magnetic nails, Relaxing a little, Getting important things done and eating grapes as I have a big thing for them at the moment...
Expect: My Cow Pom Pom Zip Coat, Another Outfit Post & A Nail Post!

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