Late: Christmas Gifts

I am trying to keep up to date and this is real late. But I want to share a few Christmas Gifts I received! Especially my favourite one.... Which is this:

My amazing boyfriend got me this locket for Christmas! White gold with a diamond in the detail.... PERFECT. It's our first Christmas together and I thought this was just so lovely and special. I still haven't put any photos in it, but my printer didn't have ink and I'm contemplating maybe getting a proper photo done to put in there... (Do they print them that small at Tesco PhotoShop?) But seriously... best gift ever! I absolutely ADORE it!
As well as this beautiful thing, I got a lot of other things from him, like make-up, a cuddly doggie (aww!), chocolates, nail polish set, Soap & Glory Big Splendour Bag, lots of bathroom essentials and these wedges which I've been living in since Christmas day!

I hope he likes his presents as much as I loved mine!!! ♥

I received a LOT of make up this year including a GOSH make-up set, I honestly swear the entire Colourworks Collection without a double from different people, Jumpers, a pyjama set and a La Senza Fleecy Robe. There were other things... I just can't remember and I have used most things since, so it was never photographed. I was very happy with my presents though :) Wouldn't swap them for anything! ♥

What did you get that was special to you this year?

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