Feb: 21 - 26

Spring Week.

With the Sun coming out, everyone's getting their shades on and basking in the sun while it's there. I think we all know it's British weather, thus it will not last! But, we can only abuse the sun we get while it's there like us Brits have been! I realised I haven't really got any shades to be wearing so I might have to hunt some down soon, maybe a little bit of retail therapy after the long week ahead I have!
So this week I have been working my butt off! Literally I think that is all that I have done. It was pay day and I spent Friday after work scouring the local shopping centre for the jeans I have mentioned in now the third post in a row. I'm buying the ones I want tomorrow! Yay!
Today I spent playing Pokemon Stadium on the classic N64 and cuddling up with the boyfriend, like I love doing on my Sundays! We spent last night driving around like we used to! I guess the weather was perfect for our late night snacking, chit chats and drives around the place! It's just like before :)!!! We also booked our holiday. UBEREXCITED for that to happen in April! YAY! ♥
With the point I was making about the sun, I have also been "spring" cleaning. I'm taking it literally. I realised how much crap I really have and all the clothes I have that I don't wear and I have to see what I can chuck and what I just can't bear to let slip of my possession. I have done this quite often but I seriously need to let go of some of the stuff I have! I want to start the summer with less clothes and in a cheeky way more reason to re-vamp my wardrobe and have a car boot sale. I have a real urge for that at the moment!
Is anyone else having a spring clean of their room!?

Looking forward to: Starting my Brand Specialist position, Buying my jeans, Possibly buying a foundation I've tried and tested and chirping around in the sun!

p.s. I apologise for the state of this unstructured post. It is definitely bed time. Goodnight! xo

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