Feb: 6 - 12

Creative Week.

Watercolour pictures to unexpected hand-created gifts. This week I have been getting back to my arty self. I have been saying for a while I wanted to get back into my art a little bit and I started that by drawing a little bit again...
I was quite proud of myself, I haven't really done any art work of any sort since I finished university apart from the one painting I did for my boyfriend which I had planned on doing a very long time before I'd finished uni... So I don't understand myself if that counts because it was pre-planned a long time before. I know it's only a small drawing/painting but it really made me realise how out of touch with the thing that I'd studied for years I was and how much I love it. See, I really want to start to practise my drawing more... understand and draw portraits more than anything better... lines seem too wiggly, and out of proportion when I draw them. I was surprised I could even draw a Chocobo and then another in reverse! But I did with a guide... which I don't really like admitting to but I shall! I realised how important it is to me that I do something that once made me happy on top of the happy I already am! I have what my boyfriend likes to call a 'talent' and I'm not using it! But I have been given a mountain of A3 paper to be using... and I think my practising is what I'll be using it for!

The first picture is what I have on my wall by my bed at the moment... my own art work was replaced by my boyfriends :D It's a beautiful thing isn't it? It was a gift from my amazing boyfriend, John given to me today. He was supposed to give this to me Valentine's Day but he decided to give me it a little bit earlier. It might be simple and you might wonder what some of the things are, but they are small symbolic memories of things we've done after over a year of being together. Two things especially are my favourites: The solid wooden heart in the middle... Also the little Haribo Alien on the right ♥
 I love the love and thought put into this... I've never received anything so amazing, creative and special in my life. My boyfriend really knows how to tug at the heart strings! ♥

LONG wordy post, I know. But my week has really been a creative one. Apart from the creativeness it's just been the usual work and Sunday in with the boyfriend. He finally watched The Terminal and yes! He liked it! And we watched Super Smart Animals on BBC iPlayer, it's pretty cool and you just HAVE to watch it!
I enjoyed a nice coffee and cake with my lovely friend Suzanne this week. She makes some good coffee! I need another mug of that... but more that that, I need to see her more often! I miss the girly chats and constant talk and search of new and old nail polishes we love! ♥ It makes you realise how important friends are when you don't see them often and you miss them!

But yes, looking forward to: working a long week (weirdly!), valentine's day, blogging more, being more creative and doing things on my to do list (actually doing them!)

How has your week been treating you?
Have you made, done or seen anything creative this week?


  1. The Chocobo picture is so cute! :)


  2. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I don't know who you are but certainly you're going to a famous blogger if you
    are not already ;) Cheers!