Jan - Feb: 30 -5

Snowy Week(end).

Okay, So I'm 9 minutes past Sunday but I'm still posting! Don't judge me I've had an amazing day! This morning, waking up to snow even though I knew it was snowing all Saturday night reminded me of the excitement of snow as a kid. I even went and played out in it a little bit today. I realised that I get a little colder quicker and it's not as enjoyable when you're worrying about people driving in it and getting your new phone wet or the idea of getting cold and snowy when you don't have the right attire for it. I went out in woolly navy star tights and navy shorts. I also decided that my fur coat would not be ruined in this weather, though it would look totally cute wearing it out in the snow!
Tonight consisted of staying in with my boyfriend ♥, where we watched South Park's WOW episode, Die Hard 4.0, playing Bomberman Ultra on the PS3 and eating a well appreciated and somehow delivered Domino's pizza (even in the snow)! I really enjoyed my day for the last part of it more than anything else. I felt like I hadn't seen my boyfriend in a long time because we both work and especially as he works so ridiculously hard. I think our Sunday in was needed and well spent! ♥ #lovebug

#iPhonelove: Since I got my new iPhone 4S Wednesday as mentioned in my 'The Full Monty' post (which is the name of my new price plan also! Love it.), I've started being a little more creative and photographing when I see something I want to. I miss being creative in both the digital sense and drawing and painting sense... I love being creative and I want to share it a little more. I've started sharing through the Instagram app which auto-posts to Twitter, so if you follow me on twitter you might of seen one or two like the one above on there. It's for the case of beginning to be more creative and sharing it! But honestly, I love my new iPhone... I've had it 5 days and I just can't get off it... I'm really not joking. It's so nice to have a working phone on a decent network though, I can't express that enough!

Looking forward to: Snow melting so I can drive, Snow not melting so I can play a little in it, playing on my iPhone more (e.g. Temple Run & Bejewelled), Drinking more tea and seeing the boyfriend more!

How have you spent your snowy Sunday?

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