Talk To The Blogger #1 : A Blog From Blackpool

So, I decided to get a little bit more involved with the "blogosphere" and do a little thing where I would talk to bloggers about their blogs, what they do, why and why they like blogging, etc....! I thought it would be a great idea to get bloggers involved and connect since I am really bad at getting involved and connecting properly.

So to start, I want to introduce Danielle who writes the blog: A Blog From Blackpool.

Hey Danielle! So, how long ago did you start blogging and how was A Blog From Blackpool created?
I started blogging just under a year ago, it will be my blogs first birthday on the 13th feb. I started blogging as a way to curb my spending and to give me something fun to do whilst avoiding work in my final year of my undergrad degree. I loved reading fashion , beauty and lifestyle blogs so I thought I would join in.

What ideas did you first have when you started blogging and what do you blog in general?

This is a funny one because when I first started I had no idea what it would become. I blog about Shopping. I also touch on beauty, fashion and the odd longer post that I like to call Sunday Reading.

What do you like blogging most about?
I love to blog about sales and bargains. I like to find dupes to expensive products and share it with my readers – I like to think people find it useful of at least interesting!

I see you're quite the shopper! What do you buy most when you have a retail therapy session?
I’m a major shopper, when I had my student loan I was a little out of hand but now I’m on a tighter budget I’ve learnt to control my spending. My favourite highstreet shop is probably river island – I was up early to hit the sales on boxing day morning! I love ebay and Topman for costume jewellery.

Looking through your blog, you're also a big bargain hunter! What has been your best buy recently or ever!?
£6.50 eyelashes for 79p in Home Bargains have been a recent favourite however whilst out with my boyfriend last week we found a beautiful coat reduced from £75 to £20 in Miss Selfridges. He has bought it my for our 4 year anniversary so I will be posting about that soon.

Am I right to say you love your nail polish!? What is you're all time favourite polish?
I do love my nail polish. My favourite has to be Technic Carnival, it’s a great dupe for OPI rainbow connection but only costs 99p. I’ve got some for my next giveaway!

Have you got any fashion items and make-up that you couldn't live without or just love to absolute bits?
I couldn’t live without false lashes! I wear them most days. I only started wearing them about 2 years ago and when I first tried they took me ages to put on but now I can do it in seconds.

In terms of Networking and Blog Followers, how have you networked to have the lovely 300+ Followers you have?
I try my hardest to engage with my readers by answering any questions they ask either via Blogger, email or Twitter. Twitter has played a huge part in being able to communicate with my readers and fellow bloggers.

Do you have any favourite bloggers that you'd like to share with us that inspire you and you generally enjoy reading?
This is hard because I follow a huge about of blogs on GFC, bloglovin and others I read via twitter.
One of the first blogs I remember reading regularly is

Are you a commenter or just a reader?
Both, but I guess I’m more of a commenter.

If there's anything you'd love to do more of on your blog what is it?
I’d love to have more money so I can do more hauls and buy everything I could ever want. HAHA. Realistically I’m open to suggestions?

Thanks for that, it was lovely getting to know you and your blog a little better!
You can find Danielle on her blog HERE and her twitter HERE!


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