Challenge: The 100 Day Shopping Ban

Recently I've been thinking a lot about saving, the money I spend and how I can reduce my expenses but also live happily without the worry of going under. I am currently in a decent place for a girl in my position and I want to keep it that way. And somehow I feel bad no matter how much I spend or save. Since I've got my job I've been seeing a lot more of the real world and its a scary place, and financially a nightmare.

The other day when I was reading through some of my favourite blogs I read a post from Danielle @ A Blog From Blackpool. She was posting her progress on a 'Shopping Ban' she started inspired by other bloggers just as I am inspired by hers. I've read her posts in depth and she asked some questions where every single one, my answer was yes. And I felt the guilt rush all over me and my face turn red with embarrassment... Because I realised. I am a shopaholic, no matter what for.
I buy things because they are a bargain, because I have been obsessing over it or buying things just because I can. And looking at my wardrobe, I can see minimal space, and so many clothes I will probably not miss.
I have been away from the keyboard since Sunday (long story short, I deleted some precious photos and had to have them restored) and began this challenge on Monday and will end 100 days from then on the 7th June!

It's a great idea because it channels my drive to succeed in a challenge and also learn to only purchases the needed and definite wants rather than the unnessesary and be creative with what you have in your wardrobes (which is probably a lot!). I bought my final purchase... My denim investment from Miss Selfridge to be the last thing before the ban and still, I felt really guilty for investing the money in them rather than feeling like I've treated myself to something I actually did need.

I'm joining bloggers like:
And a few others!

My challenge rules for 14 15 weeks and 2 days:

- No shopping. No clothes, make-up, non-essentials, anything.
- I can spend on petrol, food and going out with the boyfriend.
- I am allocating ONE WEEK (14-21st April) for my holiday where the ban is lifted.
- ONLY essentials can be bought. Example: need for flat shoes, make up has ran out, etc.
- The ban will end on the 14th June instead of the 7th for the one week lifted ban I'm giving myself.

I hope to enjoy it and learn something valuable from it! And I'm glad I've already got started, and it's already quite hard when you see sales and what not... But! I love a challenge and I'm really willing to take this on and complete it successfully!


  1. Good luck! I am a shopaholic too, so I limit myself to one day a month where a portion of my monthly budget can be spent on clothes. Only that one day, if I find anything else after that time I have to wait and hope that if I still want it by the next day it will still be there. Twice now I've found when I go back to get it I don't want it after all and something better catches my eye.

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