Feb - March: 27 - 4

Leaped Week.
What I'll be playing for the next week!!!!
This week I've had a lot going on! I'm on the verge of losing my mind under past papers for my Science GCSE at college. Retaking it for hopeful future career! A little bit of Chemistry, Biology and Physics and I wonder to myself how I would be able to do this at 16 let alone 22 :| But still I march on revising for my 3 exams tomorrow morning! Wish me and my co-scientists lots and LOTS of luck!
I have been working my butt off at work too, like usual. I quite liking having a week full of over time at work! I say this often enough but I enjoy my job and tomorrow I get to start on my brand specialist post... though I think once I get there I'll be clueless on what I will be doing! I'm still super excited for it! We had a non uniform day to support Alzheimer's Society on our extra day (to make it count!) on Wednesday which I enjoyed quite a lot. We sold cakes and wore denim and blue/white tops! I did my part by baking some cute home made cupcakes! I don't like cheating by buying the cakes, I'd rather make the effort and the effort paid off!
I also booked the holiday with my lovely boyfriend this week! A lovely week away on a British holiday which I've never ever been on! So there's always a first time for everything... I love the idea of one because I've never really explored England, it's our own currency and access to bank accounts and none of that faffing around with  passports and security and flights aaand it's cheap. Just a lovely drive to the location and enjoying everything about it. I'm SO SO SO excited!
Tonight I had another lazy one with my boyfriend :) He's been worked to the bone the poor thing, so we enjoyed last week's Top Gear, some fried chicken and cuddles! Perfect! ♥

Looking forward to: starting on my new post, posting more on the blog (been lazy about it, soz), getting the exams out of the way and relaxing after it!
Expect: an iLove tomorrow and a giveaway wins/outfit post!

How has your week treated you?
Have you done anything on your extra day?

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