Let's Play In Polka Dots! ♥

So, last week I was lucky enough to win a giveaway by Zozo at The London Lipgloss. And I won this AMAZING Very.co.uk Love Label Playsuit! I was also lucky enough to win the Mini Diana Lomography Camera in A Limited Edition Leopard Print Pink! pictured with from Clare at Tweet! I have been a VERY lucky girl indeed! ♥

I literally am in LOVE with the playsuit though. I will be wearing it alllllll the time and it fits so nice and perfect! I love it when something fits and looks really good on! I promised Zozo that I would show her and Very.co.uk (twitter here) pictures of the playsuit on so here we go... In one of my very rare outfit posts! I love it and thank you so much both Clare and Zozo for the lovely prizes! I will be looking after them and appreciating them well! ♥

I apologise for the very bad quality photos and crappy weird poses. Not used to it!
+ My iPhone doesn't like the timer app :|
I love my playsuits I do.... Do you?


  1. I lvoe the polka dots i'm really into them right now! I reallllyyyy want a playsuit too! xxx

  2. Love it babe, looks gorgeous on you xx