March: 12 - 18

Different Week-end.

It's really weird. Sometimes I have to REALLY think hard about what's happened in the week because there's either been so much going on, nothing, or the same as always. I reckon this time around it's the same as always! I don't like thinking too hard on a Sunday evening... It's the end of the weekend and my last bit of relaxation before another week of work! Don't you agree?
Today being Mother's day, I spent most of the day with my mum and oddly yesterday too (she's usually at work). Me and her spent most of the time together trying to figure out a rubix cube! It's a lot of fun and I know how to do the majority of it... Just... I can't finish it :| It's actually really making me stubborn about the fact that I can't! I'll have to try and try again!
My mum's always asking for stuff for the house when she wants presents so I got her something she needed. Weird and simple but the Tea, Coffee & Sugar jars ( we were using an old and mostly broken set before...). I got my little siblings to paint her a couple of flower pots for wild flowers. Quite the cute and traditional mother's day present! I think they all went down well! I also went out for dinner, with most of the family together not only for Mother's Day, but for my nan's and cousin's birthday. So lots of celebrating happened today! I had quite the different weekend which I like!

I also saw the boyfriend like usual on the weekend and took a cheeky trip to Frankie's & Bennie's! We got a thing for American foodies! Today, we watched Fast & The Furious 5 for like the 4th time and binged a little on cookies, milk and chocolates... And I almost whipped him at Bomberman Land... but he cheekily got the last round! I can't get enough of our chill-out Sundays!

Looking forward to: reading again, starting a DIY project and sticking with it, and being a little lazy!

Did you get your mum's anything nice this Mother's Day?

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