March: 19 - 25

Yo-Yo'd Weather Week.
Its that time of year where the weather yo-yos from hot to cold from one day to the next and you don't know what to wear. What with all the cold mornings, it'd difficult to decide.
Today me and my lovely boyfriend went to Southend as we decided because Saturday was a lovely day and today was predicted good weather by Siri (uLied) only to find it was SO cold and windy! We went, played arcade games as you do and walked the cold, windy coast. After a bit we decided to leave and head back into town for some lunch, and it brightened up the further in we got from the coast! It's weird how English weather works like that... We ended up having a lovely chill out in a pub garden with a coke and some crisps after a lovely drive along country roads. A perfect day I say :)
The highlight of my week is always my Sunday with my man. It's OUR day and there's no work so I love my Sundays. I quite enjoy Saturdays too now. I spent last night relaxing on my todd being a girl and watching TV! It's quite nice having a house to yourself but it can get a bit boring! Don't you think? Or is this just me!?
I used to love being on my own, and now I dislike it most of the time. Unless I'm shopping or doing something I know will take up time!

What have you been up to this weekend?
Did anyone do the silly thing and expect warm weather and put on shorts and no tights on like me today!? Lucky me packed some to go just in case ;)

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