March: 5 - 11

Dinners Week.

This week, I haven't got much to share. I did go a few places this week which didn't help on my saving scheme but, thus... You cannot live life saving pennies and being bored doing it. You must live life attempting to save pennies and spending them doing fun things with the boyfriend! I went TGI Fridays on Wednesday with my boyfriend and managed to munch through an amazing and huge rack of ribs, 3 courses.... just NOM-ness...
I also went for a Chinese buffet with him yesterday and munched away on some of my favourite foods, then to be disappointed that our film had a later start due to technical difficulties so we ditched the idea of seeing This Is War and going for one of our lovely chatty drives which we do very often! I do enjoy them :)
Today, I got to go out and see a friend and do a little window shopping! It was a lot of fun and I happily didn't buy anything due to the shopping ban I put myself on! But I had a great day as it was! I spent the time chatting, eating, drinking chai and shopping for things I wasn't going to buy either way! But in all a great day!

I put film in my Diana Mini (!) on a random note, I've been taking random photographs of things just to see how it will turn out. Its a very random thing to do and I don't even know if they will turn out good or if they will even develop! But only developing the film later on will reveal the answer. Quite excited to take more photos and see. I'll be carrying the little cutey everywhere from now on! Hehe ♥

How had your week been? Gone anywhere lovely for dinners? :)


  1. Your hair looks so nice! I can never seem to achieve 'perfect' waves! Also very jealous you have a Mini Diana, been wanting to get one for ages! x

    1. Aww thanks so much! I didn't make it do that on purpose. I have natural CURLY hair and I straightened it and after a day or so it starts to re-curl and this happens when I brush it :)
      And as for the Diana! I'm so happy about it, I won it in a giveaway which makes me very lucky! x