My Money Saving Tips

Oh, that chocolate bar that looks oh so tasty won't hurt will it? Yes, it will taste amazing...Yes I will not regret it. Until, I need that last pound for the parking meter and I haven't got it. This is what happened to me Tuesday as I went to college. I needed a pound and ended up scouring my car for one... I luckily found one but just not having those choccies could of saved the trouble. Scenarios like this inspired me to give myself some good and full-of-guilt tips on how to save those pennies. Because like they all say, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Only you can do that.
Here are my top saving tips that I gave myself and want to share with you!


1. Ask yourself before you buy. Do you really need it? Is it really worth it? Questions you should sometimes step back and ask yourself. There's nothing wrong with treating, but when you're saving sometimes you have to think how worth is what you're holding. Whether it's a chocolatey treat or fashion, sometimes you can just go without those Malteasers, and do you REALLY have to get those tops... and in both colours?

2. Pack Lunch. Yes, it sounds childish. But DAYUM it saves a LOT of money. I pack my lunch as often as I can. I like to make my sandwiches or pack something my mum cooked and put that in the microwave and have that for lunch at work. It fills me up better and makes me feel better about lunch times. I have a problem though, because even though I packed lunch, those Malteasers from Rule 1. ruins the saving spree... *note to self, they're called Mal-"Teasers" for a reason*. A bonus to this rule is that you'll probably not only save but could possibly be a little healthier. I try to pack fruit and carrots in mine as well as the odd Mini Roll...

3. Walk. For those who have or will one day have driving licenses. It's an amazing thing to have... we can't live without our cars once we have them! And we don't know how we'd get to work no matter how close we live to our work places without them. I live just over 5 minutes from my work place and I always drive. With all this petrol strike scares on at the moment, the sun being out and the evenings being filled with light I thought I could start walking to work! By doing this, I would not only save on petrol, I'd be giving myself a little work out, being a little bit safer to the environment and teaching myself time management!

4. A Takeaway is a Treat! I'm terrible for takeaways. I love them. All sorts of them. Also with Maccy D's doing they're Monopoly game at the moment... I'm a sucker to believe for a little moment that I could possibly win a iPod shuffle let alone £500,000.... I did get a free Apple Pie the other day. I do want to teach myself to eat less takeaways and more home cooked foods. Again, it would save a lot on money and is better in the health sector!

5. Movies & Game Nights! I love myself the cinema, or a good game of bowling! You could also swap this date with either your BFs or your BFFs to a movie marathon at home, or a geeky challenge on the PS3/XBox (Whatevz) and have Supermarket Popcorn and drink Value Cola. You may still be spending money, but you'd be spending a little less and in the comfort of your own home!

6. Creativity goes a long way. This goes for everything. You could think endless possible things... Whether it's DIYing an old top or thinking of something to do that doesn't cost a lot! Be creative, it always helps! Things like DIYing clothes not only makes your wardrobe a playground but it means you can turn old things you don't want into things you do! And with creativity you have a world of ridiculous date ideas in your head! Once I walked around Tesco with my boyfriend for about an hour late at night... Talking, pretend shopping... Was a great night :D

7. Invest. If you have to spend, make sure you spend well. I invested in my denim jeans and my flats. I have to admit my flats went back to the store faulty and I got another pair, slightly cheaper and probably what I should have invested on in the first place. I wear these things all the time, so I was guilt-free shopping! We all secretly know if we don't need something and if we do. And if you do, or even just want it. Make sure it's something worth spending on and spending on properly.

8. Have a penny jar that isn't cello-taped up so you can't get to it. Just get a jar of any sort, or a tin. And at the end of the day, put change in the pot. Do this when you have change and don't take money out of the pot. I noticed that if I couldn't get to the money I'd taped up, I'd want it more. But if you know you can get it, it just requires will power to leave it and let it build up. Then take it to the bank to cash up for paper monies and you might have made yourself a few extra quid in a few weeks or so! If you seriously can't handle an open lid. Buy one that looks like a can, and you can only get to it with a can opener and once only. Wait until it is full and then open it. You won't feel bad because you'd have put the money in there fully well knowing you can't get it back!

9. Limited. It might be a good idea for some people to give themselves a spending limit for the week, whether it is £10 or £50. obviously depending on what you have to spend on. It's a great idea because then you can see what you're really spending on and what you're not. And also find your own ways of saving!

10. Positivity. If you want to do it you will. After a while you could notice a change and bad habits could go. I can already see that if I pack my own lunches, walk to work, and save pennies in a jar, that I could save myself quite a bit a week. And if I times that by 4, I can see what I could save myself a month! I could also be healthier and happier too!

At times like these it's good to see where we can save, and what we could do if we picked even just one of these things to do. I want to try and do all of them, because I know if I do this, I'll feel stable, comfortable and happier. And I will have the money to spend on other lovely things or possible futures!
You could try this too and be bouncing like a bunny even after a month!


Do you have any saving tips to share?


  1. Fab post!

    I take a set amount of cash out for a week and stick to that, leaving my debit card at home so I'm not works for me, most of the time!

    1. That's a great idea! I couldn't be dealing with that! Because then I know it's there to spend :(
      I like the idea of leaving your debit card at home though! Great tip! Thanks :) xo

  2. Great tips! I'm pretty good at saving money thankfully, although sometimes I just cave in and blow too much in one go! x

    1. I think my problems the caving in too! :( but I want to make sure I live by these tips for a while! I hope you liked them :D

  3. like this :) see my blog at:

  4. These tips are probably the best in the world, since I'm like addicted to buying things and I need to save some money right now! Love this post!

    xoxo, Laura

    1. Oh! Thank you so much! :) that's really nice! I hope you like em enough to try them!? ^.^ xx

  5. Brilliant post! That money box is adorable xo

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope they're influential! :) xo

  7. Brilliant tips, I really need to start saving some money asap xxx

  8. Me too! That's why I decided to do this post so I could keep up with ways to save and share the tips that I'm going to use to help me! I hope you take a couple on, just to see if they will work! :) Xo