Week 1 & 2, 100 Day Shopping Ban.

My Weekness!
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So if you read my post about 2 weeks ago, you'd know that I'm on a 100 day shopping ban. I am currently rolling over to my third week, and happily a successful non-spender. Week one and two have actually gone quite quickly, and I'm not going to say it has been easy but it hasn't been really hard either, I've very well resisted the temptation of the cute Topshop shirts and the amazing Primark shorts....

I'm quite proud of myself because since I started working, I've learnt more about earning, spending and expenses. It sounds weird that I'm doing a shopping ban when I absolutely detest spending but it's the things it's spent on more than having to spend on like food and petrol. Those things are compulsory, but little things like bargains and magazines that will only get thrown away add up over time and then you think where that money could of been best spent! It's strange how much you can open your eyes and learn in two weeks. I say learn, it's more accepting what I already knew I guess...

Yesterday I went "window shopping" with bestie, Suz! I had a great day and was quite proud knowing that I'd come home empty handed and not dissapointed. Strange feeling. I realised half way through my trip that I was oogling for after the ban which made me feel like I was cheating. I did spy some cute denim shorts and a cute bag in Primark I fell in love with and knew how much wear I'd get out of both and resisted very happily!
Reflecting on the trip, I realised things I was doing like thinking if I really did like something and did I really want or need it. And then happily leaving the shop knowing I could live without the things I liked and I wasn't going to be happier for having them!
I will admit I did almost get my nessesity: a pair of flat pumps... Because I have not got a single pair right now. But I decided against it because I didn't love them and they weren't everyday pumps. I saw THESE in Topshop, and I'm debating whether the £28 is nessesary for a decent pair of flats that I will most probably wear every single day! I'd still feel so bad!

Would you do a 100 day shopping ban? And do you think I'm crazy for doing it?


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  2. Well done so far you are doing great! I walked through Primark the other day and it felt as if everything had got much nicer on purpose! x

    1. Oh thanks! Yeah I know. I saw shorts, heels, bags... The thing is I've become very fussy with my clothes lately so I think it's making it weirdly easier. I just have particular wants. I work in a place where I have 3 or 4 of the top highstreet stores under one roof and it's difficult watching people buy and try on so many pretty things! Ah! xx

  3. I gave up shopping for lent so I'm in the same boat hun. I'm actually finding it so hard, trouble is I've seen alot of things I want but I'm terrified they won't be there when I can shop again! :/ So so so tempting.. xx

    1. Oh wow! So it's at least almost half that time. I'm actually worried I won't last... That's terrible!
      And I know what you mean, you think you might not find it again! It's really nerve wracking especially when you really want it! For me it's the things on Topshop and Miss Selfridge. And I'm around their clothes alllll day ;( xox good luck on it though! I hope you do it! :)