Week 3, 100 Day Shopping Ban

It's been a bit of a difficult one this week.

I have although a confession to make! Though I have kept up with the ban, I did say I will buy myself the necessities I need if it comes to it! I did go and buy myself a decent (LONG LASTING) pair of flats. Ok. I wanted them as much as I needed them... I looked at the 3 pairs of boots I've been running around in for the last 4 months and knew I was going to wear them down to a hole in the heel before the end of the month. I had NO flat shoes whatsoever. I promise!

I had to get the shoes... See I'm stubborn. I won't spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes because of the fact that I don't like it. I've learnt my lesson in buying Primark flats, because the money you spend replacing them you could spend on one pair for a longer amount of time. I ended up buying the Topshop Slippers. And.... I don't regret it! It's the feeling I've been looking for when buying something I need and want rather than just want for a fashion fix! I feel like I've invested well, I don't feel guilty and I've been wearing them all weekend and I love them! I really do.
And I think this is what I'm trying to learn from the shopping ban. I'm keeping myself away from Superdrugs and Boots for my foundation which I've completely run dry of! I know I can live without that a little longer! In fact, possibly until Autumn! Got to get that tan when you can right!?

I keep window shopping... And working in a high street fashion store does NOT help at a time like this. I had a couple of crappy days in the week and instinct kicked in to want to buy something nice to cheer myself up! But I didn't go and break the ban for that, it wasn't worth it! I noticed that that was a bad habit of mine... On bad days I would go out and shop for something to cheer myself up. Yes, I was happy about it after and no, strangely I didn't feel bad for it... But yes again, it was a bad habit. And I think I have kind of learnt from that this week.
I kept wanting things this week and with new thing being blogged about like the new Max Factor Max Effects Fantasy Fire being talked about all over the blogosphere, I REALLY wanted to get it. And I gladly haven't even gone on the look out for it in worries that I might actually end up purchasing it... I'm sure I won't but I don't want to grasp that bottle of amazing colour in my hand and know I can't just buy it!

Do you think I've cheated myself on the ban for buying the needed flats? Should I start the ban again?


  1. No donb't start the ban again, if they were a necessity, then they are allowed! I'm the same as you, sick of buying Primark flats only for them to be ruined within a week of wearing them! I need to invest in a decent pair! Well done for not buying the Max Factor. You have more will power than me. I don't think a week goes by where I don't buy something. Slap on the wrist for me.


  2. A little treat to keep you on the straight and narrow, that's the way I see them (: They are really cute, I really need some new flats now that its spring -unless I want to carry on wearing boots all the time !

  3. they were a necessity - don't be too hard on yourself! I've broken the ban but it's not the end of the world.

  4. I'm trying to stick to a ban too, and it isn't quite working. :(
    You're doing much better than I am!!
    p.s. i'm having a giveaway on my blog! Check it out :)