Week 4, 100 Day Shopping Ban

This week has been a little easier. I figured out a weird but successful tactic to stop me wanting things. Working in a fashion store just doesn't help my shopping matters and I see everything come in first time and everything is just so amazing! I decided that it MIGHT be a good idea to try things on and get it out of my system and convince myself that I don't want the things I like. I've tried on quite a few bits this week and then when I realise, I don't like it on, I don't have anything to go with it and it isn't as great as I thought, I can happily put it back and know that I really don't want it! I'm not going to lie I found a few bits that I'm hoping will still be there when I'm able to buy them but it's nothing I need and it's like 3 or 4 things! Like these:

What I tried on this week and LOVED. Maybe later....

If you read my weekly post yesterday, you will know that I went to Southend. I spent quite a bit when I went but what do you expect from a day out!? I did have to go buy socks because it was SO cold but since when do you NOT need socks!? Me and my boyfriend played arcade games and did other things like buy food and what not, so I'm not going to say I didn't spend because well I wasn't going to let a shopping ban ruin my day out! Sometimes you just have to forget about it, but I didn't spend on material things (apart from the socks) so I was pretty proud of myself!

I miss buying nail polishes, magazines with freebies, the odd sale item that's so ridiculously cheap you HAVE to get it!.... But I've realised that if I want to start saving money I'm going to have to manage to control my spending habits. Sometimes it's just a good idea to fix up a habit like this.
I've come to learn when I come to buy things I need to look at: quality, price and if I could wear/use it often and with more than 3 items in my wardrobe. That's as far as I got with justifying things I need or need.

Are you doing a shopping ban? And how is it going for you?
Do you have any tactics on ways to stop splurging out?


  1. you are doing so so well. I've nottried anything on yet for fear of crying in the changing room i want it so much but maybe I should try! x

    1. It's a good idea you know! I think though I'm completely in love with the playsuit, I almost forgot about it until I read this post again. Which means I can live without it. Not the skirt though....
      I have an odd hope with the playsuit that my size won't be there or it's gone when it comes to buying it eventually. But at the same time I hope it is there!


  2. that's a cute playsuit :)
    lovely blog too!