100 Day Shopping Ban Release.

Recently I've started to realise the long term effects of being on a shopping ban and how it makes me feel has started to have a negative impact on me. So as of Yesterday I am giving up the shopping ban.
Reasons. Well, when I started the shopping ban it was to learn to buy the things you need and invest on things that will last. And also how to save better. I didn't want to spend money on things I wasn't really going to wear often, or I bought because it was a pure bargain and would feel bad about later.
I learnt how to do this easily within a month, and then I started to realise that I was developing some little bad habits. My boyfriend started to notice me worrying about money when we went out for dinner, or when I liked something, or when I needed the bare essentials, and then I started to notice it too. I'd go hot under the collar when I had to spend anything whether it was petrol, food or clothes. I wanted to save every penny.
The shopping ban was healthy for me for about a month, because it helped me to learn the two things I wanted to learn, needing and investing. And then there's treating. I felt bad for treating myself or wanting to buy something I wanted for a long time and then never getting it and regretting it. But I think sometimes you deserve a little treat here and there and not all the time. When you honestly think you deserve it.

But the shopping ban wasn't doing my any favours. And thus with 38 days left to go I give up, because it's become unhealthy. I don't feel like I'm bailing out or anything, I feel like I've already accomplished what I wanted to from it.

What do you think? Am I just bailing?


  1. At least you gave the challenge a go! I wouldn't even try, I'm too much of a sucker for bargains :)

    Great blog! I'm now following :)



  2. Not at all! You have learnt some great lessons. I haven't noticed any bad effects yet but I honestly worry about money every day and I have for months and months before the ban!! I slipped up this week - on impulse! I'm going to write about it tomorrow and post it up on Wednesday!x xxxx

  3. You're not bailing at all. You've achieved a great deal. I don't even think shopping ban should be about not buying anything at all, but banning buying the unnecessary things. Money is there to help us live better, not to rule our lives.
    Great job!