April: 16 - 22

(Apologies for the belated post, I've been in Holiday mode until now!)

Holiday week.

The Caravan's Living Room & View, Me and My Boyfriend

Last week, I was up on the midst of Norfolk! I spent the week huddled up with my boyfriend in an AMAZING caravan in Kessingland Beach, Park Resorts; Taking trips to Great Yarmouth seafront, Norwich town centre, driving over each seafront before deciding we liked Yarmouth's best and cudding up on the sofa watching Choccywoccydodah, Cake Wars, Traffic Cops, UK Border Force, Top Gear and you can see how this is going....
I seriously can't believe how amazing the caravan was! I expected it to be cold, the furniture and kitchen to be basic, the rooms to be smaller and the decor to be tacky and old... I was SOOOO wrong! I loved the caravan more than a hotel room! You feel cosier and more comfortable, the heating is perfect, the water gets hotter quicker than mine at home, the sofa was THE BEST, the view was an AMAZING view of the beach and the sea, the whole thing was luxury... I seriously wouldn't mind living in one constantly!
We did so much too! We walked through market stalls and the shopping centre of Norwich which I loved! We watched the men at Docwra's Rock Shop make the rock and trailed through Great Yarmouth shops and played LOTS of arcade games! We also visited the Sea Life centre which was a nice thing to do too.
The weather didn't bother us too much either. Bearing in mind the constant wind and rain, I think I only got wet and stuck in it once... It always seemed to rain when we were in the car or the caravan and never when we were out :) A nice touch from the big man up there eh?
I've really had a lovely week and it's been so nice and relaxing! And I'm so happy to have spent all that quality time with the one person I wanted and needed it with! Holidays and full on quality time makes everything better! ♥ I also haven't blogged the whole weekend because I've either been being pure lazy or too busy doing things with boyfriend and the family! Now it's back to work :( Boo. C'est La Vie!

How has your week been?

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  1. Love the photos! Sounds like you had an amazing holiday :) I would enter the giveaway but I sadly don't have an iphone- boo! xxx

  2. thank you for your comment on my blog, feel free to steal my idea haha. It would be nice if you post about it (make them) you can credit me, plus I will leave a link to your ones in the post. I would love to see what ones you stud :) xxx

  3. My parents live in Norfolk and it's the most peaceful place to be when you've got a lot of your mind! x

  4. That caravan looks awesome! I've got a little campervan that is so cosy inside. It would be easy to move in to it!