April: 2 - 8

Bloggy Week.

So this week I've noticed that I blogged more than usual! Which is great because it means I'm starting to enjoy it as much as I used to! See I started to feel like I had to blog rather than wanted to but now I'm enjoying it again and getting excited to blog later on in the evening when I want to post about my make up looks or whatever has inspired me to post that day! I've also been more into reading other's blogs, new Bloggers and things like that so it's nice to get networking with other bloggers and finding new blogs to read! 
I've also started reading again this week. The Time Traveller's Wife! It is a good book and a little difficult to read but it becomes easier the further you go. And I suggest not leaving month gaps between reading because you forget the story and you get lost!
It being Easter Sunday, I did get my eggs! I got a Munchies one from my boyfriend... And I got him the same one! You can imagine our faces when we swapped :D Classic moment! I also got a Double Decker one from my mum. And I never had a Double Decker until today! #NOM... Nuff Said! Unfortunately I didn't picture any of these eggs because I was too busy eating them!
I've been counting down the days until next week too for my holiday... A lovely week away in Yarmouth is perfect right now and I can't wait. 7 days and counting!

How has your week been? Learn anything new like French Plaiting like I did!?

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