April: 23 - 29

Avenged Week.

Another late post. I'm sorry I was just in REALLY late last night and I've been too busy relaxing before this.
Anyways, last night I went to see The Avenger's Assemble! And OMG 5 stars! I absolutely loved it! Comic book heroes, action aaaaand laugh out loud moments and jokes. It was perfect! I went to see this with my boyfriend and uncle and I'd definitely say it was worth every penny to go see it at the cinema. I'm definitely going to buy the DVD when it comes out.
I also went shopping with my little sister yesterday, we headed out to our local shopping centre and she spent a little of her pocket money on the cutest leopard print top, orange nail polish and strawberry earrings. I spent a little money too, I got myself Directions hair dye in Postbox Red, W7 Shocking Pink Nail Polish, Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails and Primark Union Jack nail wraps! I gave up my shopping ban as of yesterday (expect a post a little later on this evening) so treated myself to some bits. I just about spent £10 :) Not bad.
Apart from that, the usual things happened. Work 5 days a week and a lazy Saturday in :|, Boo. Wow, I need to do more!

Looking forward to: Seeing if the Hard as Nails stuff works, Re-dying my hair red, Playing more Tiny Monsters  and possibly reading again.

Have you seen The Avengers Assemble? What do you rate it?

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