April: 9 - 15th

Rare Weekend.

I have got way too over excited for the week ahead! I've got my holiday as of Friday 7pm and I'm going to head up North for my week away with my amazing boyfriend tomorrow first thing! I've just spent the last hour making sure I've got everything packed and I'm done!
I haven't done a Week 6 Shopping ban post and I won't be here for Week 7 so I will do a scheduled post for tomorrow for my update! As of yesterday I lifted the ban for my holiday week, and I'll be back on the ban from the 21st! I've admittedly bought a few holiday things but nothing big! Primarni job! ;)
This week I haven't done much but read and work. I caught up on my TV. A little Glee, Cougar Town and Big Bang Theory! Faves! For the weekend I spent yesterday shopping out with my boyfriend... I don't think I quite remembered what shopping centres look like on a Saturday because it's an extreme rarity I have the time free to go so I LOVED it! Primark, Topshop and all the game stores were on the agenda and I trotted along happily enjoying the best Saturday out with my boyfriend I've had in a while! Today I had a big family dinner at my nan's and it was all the typical Greek foods so I was SO happy to be chowing down on that as well as spending some quality time with my family which is a rare occurrence! So I've had quite a lovely weekend if I'm honest! :)
Right now, I'm going to get my self all girled up with some me time so I'm fresher than a daisy for my amazing to be (yet rainy forecasted!) week away! I'll be setting up one or two scheduled posts, not like it'll be much missed!

What are your plans this weekend?
And do you know of anything fun to do in Great Yarmouth? Pop me a comment and let me know!

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  1. Love your nails, every time I try to do this my white polish turns into a pale version of the other colour :s haha xxx