The Dreamer's Wishlist!

This wishlist is PURELY a wishlist! I don't think I'd EVER have the money to blow on these things. Just because, 1 - it's expensive. 2 - they're all designer. And 3 - I'd have to win the lottery too!

Clockwise - Cambridge Satchel Classic in Pink, D&G Eggplant-Print Silk-Organza Dress, Ray Ban Original Wayfarer in Blue Faded Transparent, Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Specchio, Ted Baker Sassy Purse in Baby Pink, YSL Arty Oval Ring in Gold & Pink, Micheal Kors Parker Glitz Watch.

I've always wanted that bag, and I've always adored D&G... Ray Bans are just cool, who doesn't want a pair of Louboutins and that purse is just TOO cute! I'm a little late with the YSL Arty ring craze and I can't help but admiring everyone's Micheal Kors watches, making me want one too!

*I WISH* I think every girl wishes for designer things sometimes! It's okay to wish!!! ♥ Am I right!?
What are you loving in the designer world!?

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  1. my girl said and i quote "I super love the shoes" and "honey can you buy me the bag?" and i was like, where the hell can i purchase something like that, and honey, you'll let me go to the store and tell the sales ladies, i want a size seven of this shoe?" she's really funny