March - April: 26 - 1

A Hot Week! :D

This week the weather had been amazing! I spent most of my lunch breaks attempting to soak up the most of the sun I could get and cardigan-less! I think for the weather the week has been pretty amazing! Something us Brits love to have a good long chat about!
This week I also noticed I've been getting girlier with my style. Hair up in plaits and pins... Pinks everywhere including the cardigan pictured, my nails pictured, and the make up look I posted about yesterday! I had a good look through my wardrobe and found a cute collection of dresses and what nots I forgot about including my navy Topshop shorts I lived in through the winter and gold foil skirt I loved to jazz up! I completely loved my outfit today (pictured) I finally got to wear out my pineapple shorts the way it's meant to be worn this year! Tights-less! I will be happy to get my wardrobe sorted this week so I can start wearing stuff properly and not just sticking with the same naff stuff all the time. I also want to do a car boot sale so I can try get rid of some old things that way.
This week was pay week, so I was also happy to see some money in the bank for my little holiday adventure with my boyfriend in a couple of weeks! SO excited it's unbelievable. I just hope the weather will dull until that week we go away!
I spent the weekend teaching my little brother and sister how to skip in and out of a already going skipping rope, basking in what was left of the sun and helping my uncle move into his LOVELY new flat! We had a little house warming party thing for him too where I cooked chicken wings, burgers and sausages and sat there watching Rush Hour 2 and chatting away. It was such a lovely evening and I had a nice change to my usual day. I haven't spent time with my family like that in a while so it was nice to be with a few of them for the weekend with my boyfriend too :)
On a random note: 1. I found petrol! Yay! 2. I didn't get to April fool anyone :|
I am off to bed because I'm shattered from my long eventful day :) goodnight!

How has your week been treating you? And did you get the most out of the sun!?

Looking forward to: clearing out my wardrobe once and for all, doing some more blog posts (as I'm really enjoying blogging especially at the moment) and maybe making one of the things on my Crafty List!?

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  1. I'm absolutely LOVING your nails! Your shorts are quite a piece as well. I adore the color combo! I found your blog while reading another & I'm happy I stumbled upon it! Lovely stuff!

    xo, Megs