Review: Travalo

So for the bank holiday weekend my step-dad went to Belgium and got me a little present from his trip! He got me this cute little bottle to put perfume in called a Travalo! So cute and simple, but such a great idea!
It's annoying when you want to bring your perfume out with you and you don't want to take a big bottle with you and you haven't got a small one either. So this is just the most amazing little pop it in your bag job for just that! As you can see from the photos below it's small and light. The Travalo is made from aircraft grade aluminium and has a little shatter-proof window so you can see how much perfume you have left, or have filled up with! It comes in cute packaging with the most simple instructions ever!
As you can see, you can choose a favourite perfume that you'd like to fill the bottle with and pull off the spray top from your perfume. Place the Travalo on top of the bottle where the bottom of the Travalo (which I forgot to photo) has a little hole which when placed on top of the perfume you can use to push down and pump to fill the bottle! Here I used my Anna Sui, Dolly Girl (Bonjour L'Amour) perfume to display the use, but I actually filled mine with Hugo Boss, Deep Red which for use I kept in my car! Nice to know that now I don't have to! :)
I think this is such a good invention and works like a charm, easy and simple to use and it holds 4ml which is perfect for flights as it is the limited amount of liquid you can have in your hand luggage! I thought more for nights out... It's a perfect fit for a smaller bag so you can smell amazing wherever you go! I've used mine everyday! I actually love it!

You can buy one of these online on: TravaloAmazon | The Fragrance Shop | Firebox | Tesco

What do you think of this cute, pink and simple gadget!

P.S. I apologise for the state of my perfume bottle... Not well looked after and almost empty! ♥


  1. Completely addicted to these. You can get them from The Perfume Shop too. :) x

  2. such a great idea! i love them! x

  3. The perfume bottle is adorable <3

  4. Travalos are lifesavers!! So much better than carrying an elaborate bottle around x