May: 14 - 20

Blocked Week.

I've posted a couple of times now within the last two weeks about how I've been lost for posts! Sometimes life catches up with your free time and you end up being too busy to do anything else. I've come to accept that this happens and that I'm quite content with it. My blog is part of my life as a hobby, and something fun to do on the sides. The commitment I have to post isn't big at all and not enough to worry about and sometimes there isn't anything to say or share... So I (sort-of) promise this is the last you'll read of my ramblings of being lost!

I've been busy working again this week. I've also has a LOVELY weekend with my boyfriend. We love a good meal out so last night we went to this lovely Indian restaurant and I tell you what if you live around Hertfordshire, it's worth going to because the food is amazing! I seriously couldn't eat all my food because it was so much! But it was SO so nice! And a good curry is very hard to find! I had a Chicken Tikka Massala and my boyfriend had a Chicken Korma. We've always got takeaways from there, so we thought we would eat in, and it is so much nicer because you get perfect service and such a great and peaceful atmosphere. 5 Stars!
Today we also went to see The American Reunion and it was better than expected. I thought it was going to be like all other sequels where they'd carry on the story from where they left off and it would never be as good as the first one or two... But honestly it was funny and good! Had the same humour, carried on from the story pretty well and worth going to the cinema to watch!

I'm planning a couple of posts and a few things that I'm determined to start doing. I want to be artistic again. I think I left my creativity at university and I kind of want to be artistic and ballsy too. I want to do DIY projects and draw more. As you can see above, I'm starting to with copying just to get back into the swing of it... The last time I did something artistic was for my boyfriend's anniversary present. I painted a picture of us on our first holiday and it turned out perfect, I did it because I remember how much he loved my artisticness and thinking about art and all that made me really want to do it all again! I have a little wooden chair in my room to re-vamp for me and my sister so expect a post about it's re-vamp soon and a couple of reviews!

How has your week been?
And has anyone seen The Dictator? I'm not sure if I want to go see it! 

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