May: 21 - 27

Sun Week.

As a nation we Brits have all become about at least 75% happier over the last week, we've ended up spending every minute we can outside whether it be lunch breaks, a day off or after school and we're loving that big bright sun in the sky. We all know how rare it is and we all take the chance to be out in this sort of weather because as we found out last time it lasts about a week and then its torrential rains and gloomy days and we're all back to being snuggled up in bed with tea and laptops.
I've not blogged because of all this good weather, I've been too busy soaking up the rays, jumping on trampolines, generally just being outside and working a lot too.
This week was also pay week! And everyone loves a pay week! Because of the lovely weather I treated myself to some cute pink canvas peep toe shoes and some pretty sunglasses that won't make my nose look bigger than what it is! I also ended up having a day out with my boyfriend, we went rowing in lakes and having a pub lunch with the loveliest steak burger ever. I don't think I ever had a steak burger before...
I think I might have burnt my shoulders but I'm not too sure, we usually all find out if we're quite burnt in the morning after don't we? I also ache from the waist down and I'm dreading tomorrow as I've actually started working out as of today. I'm really hoping that I get results by at least the end of June because I'm fed up of being generally unfit and slightly chubby round the tummy.

What have you been doing in the sun this weekend?

Looking forward to: working out all week and sticking with it, more sunshine and being out in it!


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  1. Lovely pictures, the cupcake looks delicious :)

    I really wanted a pub lunch this weekend but didn't have the Boy over so I ended up reading a book in the garden which resulted in me falling asleep in the sun and waking up like a patchy lobster...woops!