May: 7 - 13

Lazy Week.

Seriously, I don't have much to share this week. I've been trying to sort through things to get rid of. I'm such a hoarder and my mum went in my room and she threw away the things she knew she could and I wouldn't even notice would be gone. She knew not to throw anything away that had to do with me and my boyfriend, because we collect little things like receipts and that from holidays, days out, etc. I've been trying to do a car boot sale too with my lovely friend from uni and we never get round to doing it. I think next Sunday might be a brilliant day to go if the weather holds up like it has done! I'm the worst with clothes, because its either they were a gift or the typical "of course I'll wear that again", but then I never wear it again and I have the minimal amount of things that do actually go with it. I just can't let go!
I've got 4 dresses on eBay at the moment which is a very small start... If you are at all interested the bids starting at 99p and ends next Sunday and just go HERE to view them!

Apart from that, I've been keeping busy with work and thinking a lot about doing something active. I'm so unfit its unbelievable. I can't even play a dance game for longer than 15 minutes because I get out of breath and those are my sort of games! I am a little bit round between the hips and waist... It's like I have a constant food baby :( I might start playing them a little more, and skipping in the back garden. I'm so shy when it comes to exercise because it's scares the absolute life out of me and makes me feel embarrassed that people know or see me do it. So I think 5 days a week I'm going to try 30 minutes of dance and then however long I can skip for after until I feel like I might die. Small plan, but a beginners effective one?

Other than that I haven't really been up to much. Today I did go to a different pub garden with my boyfriend and I loved it! Empty and in such a beautiful place! We might have dinner there next weekend :)

Looking forward to: Dinner with BF at some point!?, eBay biddings, possible wardrobe clear-out (for GOOD this time) and starting my mini start to be fitter scheme.

How has your week been treating you? And will you check out my eBay listings!? :D

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