April - May: 30 - 6

Discovery Week.
I've discovered a lot this week. I've discovered: eBay (again), A new found love for jumpers (vintage, floral and motif ones), that my hair looks terrible post-box red, and that I miss my family more than I think sometimes!
Recently I downloaded the eBay app... I've already bought myself and my boyfriend and I can't remember how for the life of me I came across the most AMAZING jumper started watching it... and bidding. Today I lost in by a literal split second. You can imagine how unimpressed I was because I was just pure desperate for it! I wanted it so bad... So now I'm on the eBay hunt for another amazing jumper that this time I will win! This leads on to my new found love of jumpers... I have been wearing my jumpers a little more recently and realised I keep eyeing them up at work, if there was a black jumper there I could of bought for work wear I would of but there wasn't a thing. There is although a few cute Topshop jumpers I don't know why I haven't bought yet but I might just wait for the second best perfect one to come up on eBay.
Also... yesterday I made I think what can only be called the worst mistake in hair history. I don't know why but I decided that I wanted instead of the red "ombre" look on my hair that I wanted my red underlayer back that I used to have quite a while ago now. Before the blogging days! And I did this... I bleached my hair and then covered it red... And the result was HORRID. I don't know WHAT I was thinking but I sure will not do that again! I called up my boyfriend in pure panic and more or less begged him to buy me some dye to cover it up and now I have almost black hair. I used Clairol Perfect 10 Darkest Brown 3 to cover it up and it covered up amazingly! I think it's the only company I ever use that never let me down! But I did miss one tiny strand of hair that is still a little red... how?
This weekend my aunt has come over from France to visit for the bank holiday weekend, yesterday we went Casino and today I spent the day with my boyfriend but I still saw her quite a bit :) It's also my Dad's birthday today so I called him up and said my happy birthdays. All this family stuff going on really made me realise how far away my family is and how much I could miss them all. I do miss them at all times but some days it really does hit me! I think sometimes we take family a little too for granted and don't realise how lucky we are.

A lot of learning this week eh? Looking forward to: Buying a jumper (hopefully), receiving a few things in the post (also hopefully), possibly eBaying some bits and stocking up on missing make-up!

P.S. I apologise for the many words in this post! XO

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