What's It About?

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Recently, and this isn't the first time, I thought about my place in the blogging world. I love the community, reading others, appreciating their photography and blogging topics and I love to blog myself, but I think I've honestly become stuck at where my blog fits in categorically. I don't know why but I feel the pressure to categorise my blog as either a fashion blog, a beauty blog, a lifestyle blog... But I feel more like a miscellaneous one at the moment. I see other bloggers with pretty much sorted blogs, about fashion and clothes and the events and things they've done, their photography or drawings. And then there's me... A bit everywhere.
When I blog, I blog about what has come to me that day, week, or happenings and what I feel like. If I feel like an outfit or a make up post, I will attempt one. If I want to make a wish-list or an iLove for my series, I will. I'm a influenced blogger...
I don't know why I am working myself up so much, especially as this is just my fun thing to do. It may just be the fact that I haven't had the time to actually do my fun hobby... or the right things to blog about. 
We all look up to another blogger and I think sometimes get pressured and wish we could be just as good as they are at it, and have such amazing things and opportunities come from it. I've also realised now saying that, that I've always been a fan of individuality and originality (is that the same thing!?) and that I shouldn't be influenced by others so easily....
I'd say I'm an everything blogger... I like the sound of that; fashion, beauty, life, books, nerd stuff and other misc. Blogging is my hobby, my fun thing in my spare time! I love doing it and I guess I just feel as though I haven't done much lately and been doing "feel-bad" blog posts which have in my eyes been "yawn" so so boring and un-fun. And it's lovely to know that I'm AFK because I'm busy out living life with my boyfriend and doing things even if it is just work! I don't know what I've honestly worked up so much about now that I REALLY think about it.
Doing things like this always help me understand why I do blog better, why I started blogging and why I love doing it! It's nice to realise at the end of writing a post that I'm not as bothered as I thought, I've just been lost for posts... I just need a little more inspiration and drive, and less laziness too!

Do you ever get lost for posts?

P.S. I apologise for the pointless wordy ranting post, I promise a good one next time :)


  1. I'm in the exact same situation, My blog is about everything! I've come to realize that that's why its MY blog.. It can be about whatever the heck I want! lol
    I've also been really drained of inspiration because I'm out of work at the moment..
    When I worked in town I got inspiration from all of the shop windows and people walking by...
    I'll be back to work soon though so hopefully I'll have more ideas.. :)

  2. I think many bloggers are feeling this way at the moment. I'm certainly an "everything" blogger and for many years I felt a bit uncertain about where I stood in the community and whether my blog was a bit pointless because of it. Now I'm going to own the fact that I share different bits of my life and the things that inspire me because this is just how I am at the moment.

    Serena (comment above) is completely right. It's your blog and it will be awesome no matter what you blog about. :)

  3. I often get stuck for words...One day, I'll have a billion things to write about,the next - none. I'm an everything blogger too, don't stress about it too much.. Take a break if you need to, we'll all still be here when you get back xo