Hey Big Saver!

Hey girls!

I apologise for not being around recently, life is busy! And as you know as it does for you too, life takes priority 100x over blogging! Anyway, I am back and I thought I'd share a few fashion-related money-saving websites I've come across recently. Now I'm terrible when it comes to spending money, saving money and fashion. I love the things that are most expensive but won't ever invest and I live and breath my fashion on market stalls, the cheaper high street brands and invest rarely on higher high street fashion brands. But with these websites, you could get dupes, cheap fashion buys, and vouchers to use to get your fashion a little cheaper!

Source: weheartit.com

1. Everything 5 Pounds (Everything5pounds.com). YES. Everything on this website is literally £5. They have pages and pages of stock, from dresses, to shoes, to bags and lingerie! I spotted this and this and this on their site... And to think... I could get ALL THREE for £15 and I've just made an entire outfit! It's just such a great and cheap website and it's all said in the URL, plain and simply! Sometimes it's not about the brands and just about the clothes. I often get complimented on clothes I've bought on a market stall, so that just helps me prove the point!

2.Vestiaire Collective (uk.vestiairecollective.com). Vestiaire Collective is a place where fashionistas can sell and buy their designer things. It is "The first community "wardrobe" devoted exclusively to fashion" (direct quote) and the best bit is what happens during your purchasing of you well invested designer item... You purchase your item and they send the item to a team of lovely people who check the quality of the item you want to buy and decide whether it is worth it!I found this lovely dress by GUESS which when I saw the price I was like REALLY? And would definitely buy if I was investing in a beautiful dress! I think this website is amazing because it's for us fashionistas who like the designer things without the massive price tag and checked for perfection! This site requires a sign up, but its easy simple and little amount of details is required and also free!

3. Bango Mango (bangomango.com). Bango Mango is like Everything5pounds.com, except everything is £10 or under. With different collections and a completely separate website you can explore more fashion for less! I am particularly fond of this and this and this and this!

4. Fashion Vouchers (www.fashionvouchers.com). Okay, this is the place to go before you go online shopping! Offering fashion vouchers and deals for all sorts of online fashion stored including stores like Motel Rocks and Boohoo.com. Whether it is a sale, free next day delivery or a 20% voucher code, this site is the place to go if you fancy saving a couple of pounds here and there!

5. eBay (eBay.co.uk). The most simple and obvious saving website! You can find anything on there from genuines, to dupes, and vintages! I love eBay just because you can bid on something but limit yourself to how much you spend on so you know you won't spend more than you want to! And there are also lots of eBay sellers who sell items at a decent fixed price! I've been eyeing up Jeffrey Campbell dupes and beautiful dresses like this one for low prices or how ever much you are willing to spend! eBay is always a winner with saving!

I know two of these are online stores, but it just goes to show you don't always have to spend a lot of money on fashion. But if you're willing to spend that extra cash, then that's where the other sites come in!

As well as saving money online like this, I like car boot sales to get that little extra cash and get rid of a few bits! As well as that, there's etsy.com, blogger's blog sales and online shops where we can buy things for less and with a little mor originality! I also love signing up to the high street brands emails to get information about sales, events and also new trends so I can keep on top!

Would you save a little bit of money using these fab sites?? And do you have any saving secrets!?



  1. Bango Mango is ace, I literally recommend so many people to their shop that I'm sure they should hire me! The website sells some really nice stuff but the shop has more in, my blog is filled with examples of me wearing their stuff xxx

    1. Really!? Oh wow! I'm going to have a look and see what they look like on you :D XOXO

  2. Haha I'm an addict, I always shop there! xxx

    1. I window shop a lot and don't do enough shopping! XO

  3. ooh i'm gonna check out these websites!


    1. Please do! They're really good and save you that extra cash where you don't need to spend it! xoxo