Inspirational in June

I can't believe it's already half way through the year! This year has gone so quick and you can't help but wonder where the time has gone. Anyway it's the few days into the month where I realised I haven't done a monthly inspiration post! So this is what is and probably will be inspiring me this month!


More Sunshine Please | Doing on my nails soon | Daydreaming about returns Zante although holiday searching elsewhere | Simple Outfits | Attempts to Still Read | Going to attempt Car Boot Sale FINALLY and Blog Sale.

I haven't made my nails look good in a long time. I think that's what I'm going to get up to tomorrow morning... I do have a gel set I just haven't got back round to doing my nails again... we will see what the outcome becomes tomorrow morning when I roll out of bed! I might have to do those crazy nails in red white and blue with the black top layer for the Jubilee!!! EEPS! ♥

Does anyone have any nice plans for the Jubilee weekend? I have no plans tomorrow (and I'm working the bank holidays) apart from holiday searching some more. Me and boyfriend really buggered ourselves by booking the most amazing holiday last time... Hotel on the beach, amazing bar, amazing location and food and people... And now we can't stop comparing everywhere to there! It's ridiculous... And when you're trying to budget, no where compares for price either. Anyone have any good ideas of places a young couple who want to relax with a beach front hotel we can go to in Europe. Too specific?

I'm off to have a quick cuppa before bed. Late goodnights! xo


  1. is Jubilee weekend what's inspiring all the flag looks i see? i definitely like the nail art. and I wanna let you know that I'm having a Summer Fun Giveaway : ) Hopefully you enter!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment and letting me know about your giveaway! I'll check it out! XO

  2. This year has gone far too quickly! I have no exciting plans for this weekend unfortunately. I went to a BBQ on Saturday but it wasn't Jubilee related. I don't know if there's anything exciting happening here for the Jubilee to be honest. x

  3. I agree so so quickly! I can't believe it!
    I don't think that many of us did so don't worry too much! I worked for the whole Jubilee! No celebrations for me :( boo! XO