June: 4 - 10

Beauty Buys Week.

Hiiiii, how has your rainy wet week (in the UK) been treating you?
I think I might have over-done shopping already this month. No shopping for the next two week. Though I still need to find some decent and cheap storage boxes for under my bed as mine all broke and I'm a slight hoarder... Tuesday I ended up in Superdrug's again because of their dangerously good 3 for 2 on beauty products offer. And with the MUA make-up so cheap I picker up a few bits for a literal fiver. I also ended up shopping again a few days ago for a couple of extra bits and I bought the pretty dress pictured above for my holiday!!!! But as for now, shopping is over until pay day at least...
As usual I spent the weekend with my boyfriend. Doing the usual games, movies and again holiday searching... Again reaching no where. We want to go to a Greek island with a great beach nearby or in front... We're so picky after our last amazing holiday to Zante. Anyone have any ideas of a good Greek island and location on that island for a couple in need of full-on relaxation!? No clubby scenes please.
I've also decided I need to become more motivated. For things like: Work, drawing again, eating healthier, actually exercising, being tidier. I need to write a list. And I need a diary for organisation... I think that might be the key to my motivation. I've noticed this week how lazy I can really be and that I'm not going to get very far being lazy. I noticed throughout the week that I really do need to do these things and that doing nothing does no justice for me or the things I want to achieve. I just need a little more motivation!
 As for the healthy and exercising stuff... It's 14 weeks until I go on holiday to wherever that may be and I would like to look lovely for it, and also feel like I look lovely in general. I am aiming to be generally fitter and have a flat stomach. I'm not looking for weight loss, or anything like that. I just generally want to be a healthier person and have a flat tummy than looking like I have a food baby.

Also I'd just love to say hi to all my new blog followers, it's nice to see people take interest in my blog! It makes me feel happy and proud and also I love finding new blogs to read, so it's always nice to find someone new's blog! So new followers, Hello!

This week, looking forward to: motivated activities, getting my last Science lesson and exam done, drawing, blogging!


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  1. I'm loving the 3 for 2 offer too in Superdrug, it's making me skint though, I don't have any MUA products in my local store:(. I hate not being motivated, I could stay in bed all day if I didn't have to work.
    Hope you have a brill week!