May - June: 28 - 3

Confident Week!

I feel so bad that I didn't do anything for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee... I don't know why but I am appreciating it from afar and with colour schemed shopping. Did anyone do anything fun for the Jubilee?
So last week I was all about being a busy bee. I feel my drive and blogging inspiration is coming back so I feel the  need to post about everything and keep writing them down so I don't forget them and I have them for later posts! I am a day late in posting this, because I was so busy looking for holidays with my boyfriend for either next month or September, but we haven't been able to find anything which is a little bit lame. The problem is we had such a perfect holiday last year, we're afraid this year can't top it or even come close. Damn amazing Zante.... ♥
I've also been enjoying getting fit! I've been making sure I do all my workouts in the morning given to me by my  GainFitness app on my iPhone and eating healthy with things like cereals, apples, bananas, berries, yogurts and what not. It doesn't mean that I'm not treating myself weekly to things like the pizza  had Saturday and the chocolate I've had at least 4 times already... Oops! I've already got an amazing plan for the next 3 weeks to try and slim my semi-permanent food baby. I do feel better for it though I will forever hate to admit it...
I've also been keeping up with appearences... I noticed with a mini confidence loss last week, I wasn't bothering with my hair or make-up or nails. This weekend I treated myself by doing my own UV Gel Nails with my at home kit and I've also bought myself a little make up and have a growing list of more things I want including Lush's Colour Supplement  (In Dark Yellow). I'm dying to buy and try and then blog about! But from the little tester I had in store I think I'll be very impressed! 
Other than that there hasn't been much going on. Holiday shopping, Actual shopping with my aunt and a little confidence boosting pamper session!

Looking forward to: A bedroom spring clean, reading and over-blogging!

Does anyone have any plans this week? Anyone know where I can go for a good on the beach holiday?



  1. I need a spring clean too and TELL ME ABOUT IT - I need a good beach holiday haha!
    Just found your blog and I look forward to future posts, so I am now following you :)

    Karys x

  2. Spring cleans are great to do but mine take weeks because I haven't got the time and the patience to do it all at once and I share my room so it makes it harder.
    And I think everyone needs one of them amazing relaxing holidays!
    Thanks for following! I'll check your blog out too! XO