Adopted Denim

Leggings - Topshop (Faded, meh.)
Jacket - Unknown & Adopted

I've always loved denim jackets and I've never actually owned one apart from my dark green one I've had since I was about 16. I don't wear it that often because its seemed to not suit me any more. But this one has been lurking around my house for a while when we finally bought up the question: Who's jacket is it?
No one claimed the mysterious jacket as their own, so I quickly adopted it as my own. I love it. It's boyfriend styled (I THINK!? o,o) and fits like an absolute charm. I expect to be wearing this more often when the summer sun finally comes out to play...! I might team it up with an old hoodie for now. A bonus and a new fave summer jacket!

What's your favourite summer jacket right now?


  1. Oh, I wish I had a similar jacket. Unfortunately it's hard to find one during the Summer sales :(

    1. I am lucky to have it. No one claimed it and I was already in total love with it!
      I don't think I've found one just as nice in the current sales. Maybe brick lane vintage stores in London. XO