DIY: Paper Collar

Okay, so I found the photos for this on my phone earlier on today and realised I never got round to posting about it! I made this about a month ago, and the thing with this is, it's gone missing and never got round to taking photos with it on, but it's easily made again!

DIY collar

I made this on a whim when my mum bought home cupcakes given from a wedding she went to the day before. They gave each of the guests a little lemon cupcake, amazingly tasty and made to look pretty in a box and decorative casing wraps around it. I decided that the decorative casing wraps was so pretty I had to have it! And because of the way the casing bends I realised that I could do something fun with this. And with a pair of scissors, two of these decorative wraps and the ribbon from the box I made this cute collar!

DIY collarDIY collar

How to make this:
I measured up the wraps around my neck and cut the front in a curve so the little flaps were removed. (I wasn't doing this very professionally I must add, this was just a little bit of fun on a whim!) After that I cut a little piece of ribbon and knotted it neatly in the front and cut off the lose ends. It's important to do this loosely because you're going to want movement from this as it is just paper and very delicate. With the remainder of the ribbon I made the tie up at the back and made sure I has plenty left for adjustment.
I wasn't wearing the right outfit to take photos of this in, but it really looked cute. I will admit slightly rigid but what do you expect more from paper? It was a fun 5 minute DIY and always easily re-done. You can get these sort of wraps from places like Hobbycraft (wraps here) I'd imagine and Morrison's if I'm corrected?
It's made me want to make another one to wear now! I might get on that!

How does it look to you anyway? Would you try to make one for yourself!?


  1. this is an adorable idea! I am now on the look out for something similar that I can DIY! thank you for posting this :)

    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  2. this is such a neat idea. The collar is so cute x

  3. Such a smart idea! I'd never think of something like that!
    Love it!

  4. Aw how sweet! Waste not want not =)

  5. This is amazing! It looks like a couture piece!
    You have a cool blog, we are new followers.
    JS xx