Inspirational in July

It is July, and it feels like September. I'm tired and I don't want to work any more and I'm really longing for my week off. 9 days and counting. It's cold and wet outside, and I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that this is probably the most miserable summer I have lived. But to brighten up the evening as late as it may be, I want to share the few things I hope to be inspirational to me this month or already are. I hope to be very sleepy after this.


Reading Books | Sketching, I want to get back into it | Wearing Shorts 
Curly Hair | Rainbows - sign of sunshine | Penguins

I'm feeling really sleepy recently, I can't seem to sleep until this time. Does anyone understand this insomniac feeling. I don't think it's quite so bad as to call it insomnia. But still.
I really am enjoying doing things I used to. I finished The Time Traveller's Wife. (Hallelujah!) Welling up in tears at the end of the book, it ended and I can finally say I finished it and that it is an amazing story. Just as good as the film. Sometimes it's nice to SEE the story unfold in motion pictures. There's another book on my shelf I really want to and haven't read yet I'm feeling too lazy to go pick it up and check what it is called. It's by Cecilia Ahern though, and she writes good books. I'm sure you'll be hearing of it soon.

Does anyone have any good book recommendations? Please, not Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm refusing to read it because frankly, I don't fancy reading it as I'm not particularly attracted to the storyline and I'm refusing to be a sheep and read what everyone else is reading. It's a weird thing, I know. I might get Love from Both Sides to read, I heard that is a book that makes you crease with laughter! If you have any good books that you want to recommend please leave a comment! I like rom-coms, fantasy love stories and mythology... That sort of stuff!


  1. I hate insomnia I get it on and off, sometimes I won't sleep for days and than get to a point where I can hardly open my eyes. It has ruined most of my life, as I have missed so much. Anyway loving these pictures of inspiration, wish I could help you on the book front (I like horrors and tend to get a book only to find out that actual it's depressing! So I go back to the horror book). I will have to look up that book too, I could do with a laugh x

    1. Oh no :( I can imagine that's such a hard thing to deal with!
      I have a horror book, its just having the guts to read it. It sounds like it has a great story line though! And I have a thriller I never finished because it was quite scary.


  2. I saw the film adaptation of the Time Travellers Wife and I wasn't blown away by it - but quite a few people have told me that the book is amazing and way better than the film? So maybe I'll give the book a try! And I'm completely the same with 50 Shades of Grey. That plus The Hunger Games - I'm adamant not to get sucked into them like everyone else is and like how I was was Twilight! x x

    1. I watched it first so it made me want to read the book and I loved them both if I'm honest.
      I did that with Twilight but I do really like Twilight. The first film made me read the book!