July: 16 - 22

Holiday Week.

This week I spent entirely with my lovely boyfriend! We had booked the same week off work so we could have some well deserved holiday time together. We were really unfortunate with the bad weather but we made the most of that great Tuesday by heading into London. We visited the Science Museum because I'd never been and we both weren't too impressed so we headed over to Hyde Park and sat in the restaurant overlooking the lake and had the best cheeseburgers and chips. The weather was perfect, we just wished it has stayed for the whole week though! Typical its sunny from now onwards. Though I will NOT complain!
We spent most of our days watching TV, shopping, eating out and just generally enjoying each others company which is just what we needed.
I spent Wednesday evening also having dinner with two friends I needed a serious catch up with! We all enjoyed free chicken in Nandos with our loyalty cards and cake afterwards! Nandos just do really yummy food! I've had it twice this week!
As of this week I have 8 weeks to achieve a beach body to be proud of. Now, I'm not saying that I'm not happy with my body or anything like that, I've just always wanted to achieve that dream flat stomach which I haven't had since I was like 16. And I've never done anything to maintain my body exercise-wise so I want to start putting that into my daily routine. And what I want to achieve is not only the flat stomach, but stamina and general body strength because I used to be quite sturdy and not get tired so quick. So, hopefully I can achieve something by the 15th September!

Enjoyed the sunny weekend? I got slight tan lines!

Looking forward to: Exciting pre-planned blog posts, starting my fitness plan, reading a new book and pay day!



  1. sounds like the perfect holiday
    NRC ♥

  2. Sounds lovely! xx