July: 2 - 8

I-need-a-holiday week.

I've been in this sort of fed up mood all week. I think I seriously am in need of some time off. Me and my boyfriend AGAIN have decided against a previously decided holiday location. We've decided that some intensive searching is in need... I'm tempted to head back to the lovely perfect island of Zakynthos with our amazing hotel and turtles and great restaurants, etc, etc...
I've been enjoying some yummy treats this week as you can see from my pictures! Massive bourbon from Costa, I didn't know they did these and now I do, my recent well-eating may be corrupted. For putting up with a VERY small shopping trip, I treated my little brother and sister to icecream... I obviously had one myself and we all ended up having something blue... you can imagine our faces after. And as for that giant cupcake! It looked amazing and was a sponge cake with a jam filling. It ended up a little dry but the butter icing on the top made up for it. I made this massiveness for my little sister's birthday cake and I think she loved it, mroe for the effort of it being made :) N'aww.
THE coolest thing happened to me yesterday which I must share! Yesterday I went to the shop to get caster sugar for my cake baking and I found a rolled up fiver. Obviously, I took the lost fiver thinking...score! And when I unrolled it I found a little note pictured in the top right photo. I thought it was a really lovely thing to find and I've never experienced anything like this. This looks like something you'd find on posted later on postsecret.com saying that I'd found the note and how it made my day. Seriously, it did though.

Looking forward to: Eating another bourbon, finally finding a decent holiday, a complete laptop clean up and finally a car-boot sale? Maybe!

I hope you all had a good week! What are you looking forward to next week?


  1. Wow, finding the note in a fiver would make my day too!
    Definitely loving the giant bourbon!

    1. It definitely made my day!
      I had another one of these bourbons today. The best! XO