Aug: 20 - 26

Happy Week.

So I'm proud of myself to announce that this week was my first week as Topman Brand Specialist at work. I'm so happy to be moving up at work, and I'm so excited to be working as a brand specialist at the store. It's a really exciting and challenging job and I'm all about that so I can't wait to get on with that. A step in the right direction! This is just one of a few things that have made my week!
Apart from a little step up at work, this week has just been a step up in general. I have FINALLY booked my holiday with my boyfriend and will be heading off to Tenerife next month for a lovely week away! I can't wait, it's just what we need after all the hard work we've been getting on with and it's always just nice to get away from the busy life near London. Also... for that week I am looking for a couple of bloggers to do some guest posting. If you'd like to get in touch about it, just send me an email saying you're interested and what you'd have in mind for a post! I'll only need 5 or 6 bloggers so it'll be on a first email basis, because I don't want to be picky.
With half my family away either on holidays or bank holiday weekend trips, me, my mum, uncle and youngest siblings went to Ask today for a lovely meal as a family. It's not often we get to go out so it was really nice! I had "Linguine Frutti De Mare" which tasted amazing and an apple dessert I can't remember the name of afterwards! We then spent a little time in the arcade playing racing games and 10p pusher machines where I won a cute little cocktail glass rubber duck keyring! This week has just been a happy week in general!

Looking forward to: eBay listings selling (check them out!), holiday shopping, tummy slimming, Wednesday with boyfriend and more happy days like the last few ones!

What are you looking forward to in the next week?


p.s. Sorry this post is a bit everywhere. It's late and I'm sleepy.... Goodnight!


  1. Hey - I've just found your blog (via the crumple facebook page and your post on them) and would be happy to do a guest blog post for you if you'd like :) I'm particularly interested in ethical fashion (which I blog about but will happily write about anything.... especially shoes!
    x x Have a great holiday! x x

    1. Thanks! Do you know I'm quite interested in your ethical fashion blog and I'd love for you to do a post about it. I'll email you about it! :)

  2. Congrats with your week! Cute photos! xx

  3. tenerife? consider me jealous!