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Monday, 13 August 2012

Aug: 6 - 12

Studded week.

Apologies for the late week post, I pretty much fell asleep yesterday after a long day out! Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending my boyfriend's friend's wedding. It was an Indian wedding and I've never attended one before but it was beautiful! The decor, and the ceremony was amazing and full of meaning. I loved it, and for those who didn't understand how the wedding worked and what happens for each part of the ceremony, we were given almost like a leaflet on our seats doubling up as a reserved sign to tell us all about it and what each thing meant. I thought it was great and the bride was beautiful in her amazing encrusted red gown! 
This week I have also been getting into touch with my creative side and made the leggings I posted about earlier on Saturday. I'm currently wearing them to see how well they wear and how long they will last! I love them, and I'll probably end up encrusting half my leggings in these gems, but hopefully my little experiment today and when I was them will prove to work and I can start selling them online!
Random happenings this week also involved finishing my book 'Thanks For The Memories' by Cecilia Ahern and buying my moisturiser I said I would get in THIS post, working a hellllll of a lot, selling things on eBay and not getting a profit and eating really yummy dinners!
AND my mum is back home from her holidays! I didn't think I'd miss everyone this much! :)

Looking forward to: making some more leggings, finding a new book to read, and booking a holiday (I STILLLLLLL haven't done that yet! Pushing it!)

Has your week been at all as crazy as mine?

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  1. Those leggings look amazing! Definitely don't look like a diy, you've done a grand job there! x

  2. I love that topshop dress, the back of it is so pretty too. I really wanted to buy it myself but I was annoyingly between sizes so couldn't get one to fit properly! Very upsetting!
    Kaz x

    1. Oh no! It is really pretty and feel like a real girly girl in it! This is when they need to do 7, 9, 11, and 13 sizes, etc. Lol! XO

  3. Escada Perfumes smell so pretty and sweet and ALL things nice! And a great job at the DIY on the leggings- looks a million bucks lol :)



    1. It's such a pretty fragrance! And thanks! Glad you like them, I'm hoping to sell some soon :) XO

  4. Love the nails so cool and the leggings!!!

    New post on: www.theitaliansmoothie.com

    1. Thank you :) I'll take a look at your blog some time soon :) XO

  5. love the nails!
    Had a week full of work..
    Giveaway online!

  6. Lovely photos, the print on your dress is sooo cute xx