July - August: 30 - 5

Lazy Week.
This week, I've been a little bit free since my mum's been away since Sunday in the sunny island of Cyprus! Lucky woman... Sister, Brother, and Dad. So because of this week, my week has felt totally disorientated and just odd. Coming home to no mum and dad and little ones everywhere and having a super amount of free time in the evenings. But I don't think I've made the most of it, so I am so going to do that this week.
Nothing much has really happened either, I've kept up with going swimming at least once a week and I've tried to stay as healthy as I can. But without a doubt and with most guilt, I have been being as lazy as I could possibly be this week. And it's not as fun, so I'm going to plan a jam-packed week this week!
I did although go to the cinema and watch Ted this week and honestly it was BRILLIANT. I would definitely watch it again and the adverts don't do much justice as they moderate the jokes and honestly, I will admit I love some Family Guy and crude type humour. I have american humour I think...
I have also been super-cheeky and bought a few things including the best charity shop aviators and some Topshop. I will blog about later on in the week including a super cool new DIY toy I'm going to be really excited about when the 2nd part to it comes along! Keep checking to find out about it when my eBay order arrives!
Talking of eBay! I have a couple of things listed on there, and I won't be putting them back up if they don't sell until after my car boot sale I hope to DEFINITELY do Saturday! Follow THIS link to go to my shop. I am a little sad, I don't have any bids on yet... but that's good for you because you could bid and win them for SUPER cheap. Listings end Friday evening!

How has your week been? Has anyone been as lazy as me!?


  1. LOVE the double chain ring!

    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  2. I love scrabble hahaha! no one ever wants to play and my mu always wins!!