Aug - Sept: 27 - 2

Excitable Week.

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p.s. badly out of order. sorries!

I've been obsessing over eBay this week. Completely. And I think I've hauled a little bit on holiday goodies... (18 days to go!) nabbing those sandals on eBay for 99p! I've also bought myself a few other bits I'll blog about a little later in the week but these are a pure bargain! I just have to alter them a little bit because there's a strap that's a bit baggy, so it just needs shortening.
This week has just been a great week, and getting excited over everything. I've had everything from freebie's to review, Frankie's & Benny's, full on chill out time and just a general positive vibe! I think the whole fact I finally booked my holiday really helps, because I'm a lot more relaxed with things like that and my interview I also had this week as a weight off my shoulders! Constant excitement on my part!
I don't know if anyone's noticed but I wiggled my blog layout a little bit and I have a couple of extra pages, including a jewellery blog sale, and I'll be soon posting up a clothes blog sale. I've also got a contact page, and an about page! Thought I'd spruce it up a little bit!

Also, calling all bloggers. If you'd like to guest post for me when I'm away between the 20 - 27th September please email me letting me know that you're interested, where you blog, and what your post idea is! Anything you'd like to post will do, because I'm really open to new posts and different articles on my blog! I may be emailing asking my favourite bloggers if they'd like to post, but I will only be asking a max of 5 bloggers.

Looking forward to: day off, receiving post, designing some leggings for my online shop-to-be, blogging :)

Obsessing over any online shopping like I am? I swear I'm watching like 3672185 things right now...


  1. Aww Dolly is so cute! So jealous you're off on holiday soon! xo

    1. Thanks :) I'm so excited, I need one as much as I want one! XO

  2. Did you go as catwoman to your party? And you get a lot of days off each week, lucky! xx

    1. I didn't go in the end! :( boo!
      And I don't really, I work 5 days a week, I just have a day of in the middle and on the weekend :) XO

  3. I'm loving ebay a bit too much at the moment too :)