Sept: 10 - 16

London Week.
Train and bus hopping most of the week, I've probably had what I'd like to call one of my most busiest yet oddly excitable weeks yet this year. As of Friday 7pm I was declared on holiday from work for two weeks and the excitement of a 2 week holiday along with the stress of starting my full time job sooner rather than after I returned from holiday, and completing everything I needed in preparation for work events in a mere 5 days was just too much.
Monday to Wednesday I went on a work trip to a different store for 3 days and making sure I'd done everything before I left work for 2 weeks, I became a nervous wreck, and VERY tired. But I did enjoy the experience and being put out of my comfort zone. I spent most of my week worrying about doing my new job properly, bearing in mind I'd only done it for 5 days and still have a lot to learn. At least I don't have to worry about that for another 2 weeks.
Slowly I have started to wind down for my 2 weeks off. I spent last night with my family, friends and boyfriend for my mum's birthday. We went to our local G Casino and had a lovely meal and did a little bit of harmless gambling (and by harmless I mean my vow to never spend more than £20 gambling in a casino). I don't often get the chance to doll myself up for a night out, so I took the chance while I could and went all out going for my new bunny print playsuit (so casino appropriate right?), my studded heels and dramatic smokey make up!
I also spent today being really lazy and chilling out, but I did take a little trip to my local car boot sale with my little sister and bagged myself a cute tan bomber jacket for £1.50 and some Freedom earrings for £1. I treated my little sis to a TY Beanie for £2 she's in total love with and some cute earrings for a £1 too. Have you got any amazing bargains recently?

SUPER looking forward to: THURSDAY - Holidayyyyyyy, getting my acrylics done tomorrow, final shopping bits, suitcase packing, the next 2 weeks.



  1. Every time I read a blog post about car boot sales I feel like I'm missing out! Love your new pink flats!

    J x