Sept: 17 - 23

I'm On Holiday Week.

So Obviously, I'm not here to post this as I'm off probably enjoying the sun and eating my all inclusive dinners with my boyfriend, and generally having a great time by the time this posts!
The beginning of the week I spent happily running around shopping for last minutes bits for the holiday. We ended up not buying what we went for both days - Shorts for the man! Instead, I got the panda print blazer, and he got a new pair of sexy trainers! Love them. We also got him a couple of t-shirts :)
I forgot to cancel my graze box for the week and after receiving another great box I decided when I get back that a graze box once a week would be good for me, because I'm a crappy healthy eater. I seriously can't do it, and am honestly worried I'll come back fatter with this all inclusive. Boyfriend said he thinks I'll be at the dessert cart eating cake every meal :( And it's probably true! I love my food too much. But as for the graze box... I really enjoyed the last two so will be keeping them on order when I get back!
Also! I went to get my nails done Monday, and got a simple French style acrylic manicure. I'm always a in-your-face gal when it comes to nails, but thought I might go for a versatile and easily painted over look for the holiday, and although it looks too simple to me, I'm growing on it and might even keep it with in fills... I'm not too sure yet. It is pretty costly. I got them done at my friend's work - We ♥ Nails in Mill Hill Broadway (North London). They're all lovely in there and they got the biggest most amazing OPI nail polish collection, and they've told me they've got more to come! O_O seriously... MASSIVE collection. They're really good and I'd recommend going there, I learnt a little more about Nail care just going there as well as getting my nails done pretty well! You should LIKE their Facebook Page! :)
I'm sorry I haven't got too much to share but I'm pretty sure next week you'll see too much when I bombard my poor blog with photo snaps!

NOT Looking forward to: coming back, the plane home, knowing I have to go back to work. What is there to look forward to when you've just had a great week!? (I hope! Haha)

How's your week treating you? :)